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Barb Wade tells How to Earn Six-Figure Salary

by Todd

Six-figure business coach Barb Wade has a mission – to empower other coaches to help change people’s lives while making a $100,000+ salary in the process.  Wade teaches these coaches how to attract and enroll clients, and how to ask for – and get – competitive rates.  By creating multiple streams of income from their coaching practices, Wade’s clients work 20 hours per week or fewer and still earn impressive six-figure salaries.

“It’s all about the math,” Wade explained.  “If you have a few coaching packages at competitive rates, and serve about a dozen clients, you’ll earn six figures and still have time to market your company.”

Roster of Clients & Six-Figure Salary

Wade started her career as a life coach, helping people manifest their goals and dreams and have purpose and meaning in their lives.  She built a successful practice with a full roster of clients and a six-figure salary.  Soon, other coaches started asking for her advice about how to fill their own practices and make lucrative salaries.  Organically, she began coaching the coaches.

Wade strongly believes that every entrepreneur should have a business coach.

“I’ve had my own coach the entire time I’ve been an entrepreneur, and it has expedited my success exponentially.  A coach can save you so much time and money, and help you avoid many potential mistakes.  They can tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t,” Wade continued.  “The right coach can really catapult your success at a pace you can’t achieve alone.”

The Fort Collins, Colorado-based mother of two young daughters has created a healthy, balanced work-home life by creating defined work hours and a workspace.  When she’s at work, she focuses on work, but when she’s with her family, it’s “mommy time”.

“Be fully present wherever you are,” Wade said. “Don’t think about work when you’re with your kids and don’t worry about your kids when you’re at work.”

Wade joined The Mom Entrepreneur Support Group eight months ago and enjoys participating in the discussion groups.

“You’re able to create such intimate relationships sharing your challenges and providing feedback.  The discussion groups make you feel like you’re not alone – we’re all in it together,” Wade continued.

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