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Improve Your Credit Score With These Nine Tips

by Todd
9 Tips

Many of us would like to do some cleaning up with our current credit score. But all too often it seems that there isn’t much we can do. But when you know how there you have quite some possibilities to improve your credit score. Here are some tips to improve your credit score in a positive way. Chances are that at least one of those tips will be right on your situation for repairing a bad credit.

9 Tips for Repairing a Bad Credit

1. Make more than the minimum payment. With credit balances raising it becomes more and more difficult to make payments larger than the minimum payments on your credit card accounts. To improve your credit rating you should always try to make more than the minimum payments, even if the difference is just a few dollars.

2. Cut back on your credit card spending. When trying to always spend more than the minimum payments you should also curb your expenses. Maybe you will have to cut back on eating out or entertainment but most of the time you can stand that. To start this exercise you take all the credit card purchases from the most recent month by adding up all charges you made and cut that amount by two. This will be the maximum amount for each of the next months. Then you divide this value by four and you get your weekly allotment. But don’t carry over any unused amounts to the next week or month as this won’t help you.

3. Get a copy of your credit report. Your personal credit report can help you find out what has a negative impact on your credit score. If you do not get this report, you probably won’t know what is not right until you get turned down for it.

4. Get a copy of your credit report from all three main bureaus. The reports of the three main agencies do not necessarily have the same line items on them, so looking at just one credit report is not enough. Get a copy from all three main bureaus and go over them in detail.

5. Correct false information. If there is something on one of those three reports that is not correct take all necessary steps to correct it immediately. A single bad note can knock you out of getting the best terms for your car loan or the best mortgage rate.

6. A better paying job. One of the main reasons for a descending credit score is an annual income too low compared to your liabilities. With a job giving you the opportunity to realize more income for the next years will start correcting this situation. Even if you don’t make any changes with your spending habits your credit rating will improve if we assume that your level of indebtedness does not increase.

7. Separate needs from wants. Many people are using their credit cards for essential stuff like gasoline or groceries. But for the rest you should ask yourself if you really need to purchase that on credit. If you want to purchase something not really needed ask yourself if you still would buy it on credit the next month. Any answer other to an honest yes should let you put this thing back on the shelf.

8. Pay off credit card balances at every opportunity. A low balance will help you getting more attractive when you need to make a major purchase on credit. Your chances for getting what you need are much better if your income is obviously tied up in making a series of payments to ten different credit cards.

9. Respect your credit. Always pay attention to the simple fact that credit is not a right. It is a privilege. The creditors are not obligated to extend your credit and it can easily be revoked on abuse. Do not fail to treat your creditors with respect or meeting your obligations as this will only lead to a bad credit score. Limit the used amount of credit, always pay off all accounts in a timely manner and always be grateful for the credit you have been granted.

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