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Your Friends And/Or Family Probably Suck…And That’s Ok

by Todd
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Today’s inspiration for you comes courtesy of something I think many entrepreneurs may struggle with, but choose not to discuss—support and interest in your business from your friends and family, or, as in many cases, a lack thereof. I’m just going to go ahead and write it down, right here, right now. Your friends might not support your entrepreneurial endeavors. Your family might not give half a cow’s turd about your ideas and passion for your business. But that’s ok. Besides, if you want to make it to the big (money) times, you will need more than support and sales from your friends and family, unless you have like, a million of them.

Mediocre or waning interest in my projects (including writing, blogging, candle making, card making, pretty much anything else I do that is considered “non-traditional”) is pretty common among most of my friends and family. I can say that when I make cupcakes, people are much more interested. But how can I blame them? Which would you rather have? A cupcake or a candle or a card? I give my friends and family a pass on that because I, too, would rather have a cupcake.

The Point is this

Even if your family doesn’t buy any of your (insert product name here), don’t worry. KEEP GOING. KEEP MAKING those things you make. Even if your family thinks you’re nuts for wanting to quit your lucrative day job, don’t worry. KEEP GOING. KEEP dreaming of doing the Cupid Shuffle out of your cubicle and into the daylight sun (or unemployment line…ha, just kidding…hopefully).

Even if your friends give you more excuses than an anthill has ants about why they haven’t read your blog, visited your website, bought any of your crap, or shown a lick of interest in what you do, don’t worry. KEEP GOING. Keep writing, keep updating your website, keep making your crap, keep caring about YOU.

Because YOU are what your business is about. Your desire to change your life and do something you enjoy. Screw the people  wouldn’t know a lovingly made card if one showed up in their mailbox. You are the one who will keep you going when sales are low and motivation is even lower. But read this and read this again. This is the best part. You are the one who will get to ultimately reap the rewards when your passion, drive, confidence, and pure resilience pays off in the end.

Keep Going

Besides, your friends and family are probably broke, like the rest of us. Give them some leniency and ask them to test out all of your defective products or bad ideas. They can do that for free.

And Keep Going

Oh, and if you want to help out a fellow broke and just starting out entrepreneur, like myself (and maybe you, if you related to this post) check me out using the links below. Don’t feel obligated to buy anything. I get excited to just know people *look* at my stuff. I wish you all self-love, success, and perseverance.

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